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What is maintenance of electric installation?

Maintenance of electric installations is a collection of works including maintenance and repair of electric equipment, as well as maintaining electric installation (electric boards, main distribution boards, transformer substations).

Maintenance of electric equipment provides a possibility to prolong its service life and provide uninterrupted performance of electric equipment.

Maintenance of power supply systems includes the following complex of works:

  • Visual inspection of electric installation (once per month);
  • Check and tightening of bolt joints (once per quarter);
  • Periodical measurements and tests (durations of work performance depend on the type of electric installation and once per year or once per 3 years);
  • Cleaning dust from the electric installation (once per quarter);
  • Performance of briefing meetings for non-electrical personnel;
  • Keeping all necessary technical documentation;
  • Performance of planned maintenance;
  • Check correspondence of electric installation to design documents;
  • Thermovision inspection against electric equipment overheating;
  • Replacement of consumable materials (lamps, starters and etc.), check of grounding device;
  • Accident recovery works.

In case of regular performance of this complex of works, your electric installation will be working for long and safely.

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