Viable solutions for electric energy

What is included in the project works?

Project work is the most important stage of electrification of buildings and production facilities. Success in execution of mounting works and possibility of electric installation operation as a whole depends on it.

That is why, it is very important to perform the project of electric power supply according to all norms and rules, and in order it considers rationality and possibility to execute assembly works in future.

Our company proposes a wide spectrum of project works: from designing low-current systems to designing networks 220 kV.

We realize both designing electric power supply for all kinds of objects, designing electric power supply of residential houses, designing power supply of production enterprises, designing electric power supply of trade centers, and etc.


Kinds of proposed works

  • Designing power supply 0,4 – 220 kV
  • Designing electric network objects with voltage up to 220 kV
  • Designing power transmission lines up to 110 kV
  • Designing cable lines up to 220 kV
  • Designing energy objects construction unit
  • Designing installations
  • Designing low-current systems
  • Designing lighting systems
  • Designing external electric power supply networks

Why we?

  • Our organization has all necessary licenses of self-regulating organizations
  • Our specialists-designers have experience of more than 4 years in designing various systems of power supply
  • Design works are performed considering all newly introduced directive documents, norms and rules.
  • We will help you to formulate aims of project and conditions in which the electric installation will be functioning
  • We provide a project completely coordinated with all agencies
  • After realizing of our design we will prepare a complete cost calculation of mounting works.

How to order our services?


Send a request with the description of the object to


Call our hot-line +7 (812)424-63-74


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