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What is diagnostics of high-voltage electric equipment?

Diagnostics of high-voltage electric equipment is the most reliable and safe method to estimate the possibility of further working of your electric installation.

Using the unique testing installation, HVA Quadro Electric executes diagnostics of any type of high voltage equipment.


Kinds of proposed works

  • Diagnostics of power transformers
  • Diagnostics of current and voltage transformers
  • Diagnostics of cable lines
  • Diagnostics of gas insulated switchgear
  • Diagnostics of generators
  • Introduction of unified system of electric equipment diagnostics. System of electric equipment diagnostics, connected to the system of busbars from one point
  • Provision of protection against ferroresonance
  • Measurement of partial discharges and introduction of TechImp system
  • Measurement of tangent of angle of dielectric losses (tg δ)
  • Development of operation standards, normative and technical documentation and introduction of methods

We propose

  • Off-line diagnostics in the course of commissioning new equipment; this service will secure the customer from discarded equipment. In many cases, equipment, even passed acceptance trials, breaks down in the short run after beginning of work, since standard tests do not provide any information about accepted equipment.
  • Periodical off-line diagnostics by increased voltage of super-low frequency for equipment up to 35kV. This kind of diagnostics provides an opportunity to perform simultaneously tests and diagnostics of electric equipment. This method suits the companies which are obliged to perform tests according to the norm documents.
  • Periodic on-line diagnostics (without shutdown). This kind of diagnostics is performed promptly and doesn't require transportation of equipment for repair, it decreases resource consuming for operation of electric equipment. In addition, due to informativeness of diagnostics, an operator may pass from periodical tests , based on time parameters to diagnostics based on the state of electric equipment, it will also decrease resource consuming.
  • Continuous diagnostics under working pressure. This service is actual for high-voltage equipment (110 kV and higher), as well as for extremely important feeders. Installation on the equipment where defect is already found is possible for controlling its development and prevention of emergency.

The result of diagnostics is:

  • Significant decrease of operation expenses;
  • Possibility to determine residual resource of electric equipment and calculation of necessary investments;
  • Prevention of low quality supplies and mounting electric equipment;
  • Planning and performing repair works depending on the state of equipment, not in accordance with the schedule of planned maintenance;
  • Development of power supply reliability to the new level.

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