Quadro Electric is EPC-contructer company providing services in the field of electric power industry in Russia and around the world. We provide engineering of electric power supply systems, electrical installation works, electrical measurements up to 1000V, installation of cables and overhead power lines 6, 10, 35 kV and 110 kV, diagnostics of high-voltage electric equipment and other works. Also our company constructs power lines, power plants, substations.

We have great experience; we are staffed by qualified personnel and a high-tech machine park. Our qualification and the existence of mobile teams of employees (chief engineer s, managers, installers and others) allows us arrange the organization of work on the objects through South Africa, Europe and Asia.

We provide a wide spectrum of works:

  • construction-assembly works,
  • design works,
  • high-voltage and low-voltage electric tests and measurements,
  • diagnostics of high-voltage equipment,
  • maintenance of electric mains,
  • connection of electric installation to the main
  • adjustment of relay protection,
  • thermovision inspection
  • designing, mounting and maintenance of low-voltage systems

So, Quadro Electric solves problems of electric power at all stages – starting from designing of electric system to diagnostics and modernization of existing electric installations.

Among our customers are schools, trade centers, retail chains, large factories, oil plants and electrical grid facilities.

We have a network of accredited partners in the territory of all the country. We successfully performed works at more than 1000 objects.


Since the moment of foundation, the Quadro Electric Company is focused on introduction of innovation developments and usage of scientific researches for elaboration and optimization of all works. We pay special attention to the instrumentation pool – modern technologies and high-quality equipment help us to be effective and achieve quality of performed works.

We realize active scientific work. We think that effective development of electric power industry of Russia is impossible without interaction of scientists with practical specialists. Scientific work realized by us at the present moment is oriented to introduction of diagnostics methods for bringing electric equipment into service, development of normative documents for diagnostics of electric equipment and examination of electric equipment insulation defects.


The Quadro Electric energy company appreciates its employees and their professionalism. Only professionals of high class work in all subdivisions of the company. Careful selection, check of applicants' experience and skills help us to form a reliable team which is ready to solve tasks of any difficulty. Our company's personnel regularly passes advanced training, takes part in workshops.


Quadro Electric is focused on revitalization of Russian electric power industry, breakdown of stereotypes and realization of significant positive changes in the situation. We try to draw young people in the branch, solve problems of education and optimization of our work.

Using European traditions of quality as a guide and resting upon Russian headpiece and inventiveness, Quadro Electric tends to correspond to requirements of time and tendencies of Russia's development.

What directions do we develop and why?


Many electrical assembly companies function at the Russian market, but many of them work just several years and come to bankruptcy. Most often the reason of bankruptcy is absolutely banal – shortage of orders. In our company we support departments of marketing, sales and tenders, which provide us with a possibility to receive a stable flow of orders. These orders are unaffected by economical situation in the country or personal relations of founders.

A small number of companies can boast with own group of construction electricians. Today, our company has it own functioning electrical installation subdivision. Our supply service has a car park, instrumentation pool and own warehouse territory. Each performer of electrical installation works has a tablet computer. Using it, our employee may find any necessary information in the Internet and form an order of materials for our supply service. The project of electric supply is also available in the electronic form. We try to make work of our employees maximally optimized and to simplify processes introducing modern technologies.


Our work is optimized

The work in all laboratories which exist at the present moment in Russia is organized as follows: engineer-measurer arrives to the object and performs necessary measurements. All results are recorded in the notebook. At the end of works at the object, the measurer goes to the office and starts to prepare a report. Preparation of the report occupies from 4 hours to several weeks, depending on the difficulty of an object.

Engineer-adjuster of Quadro Electric arrives to the object and performs measurements. All results are entered into the special program, written for a Blackberry tablet computer. The report is formed automatically and may be sent for printing right to the printer through wireless network. Our development provides a possibility to save the time necessary for measurement in more than two times. Therefore our services cost cheaper than services provided by competitors. Our competitors call it dumping, but it is a banal optimization of working process.


We were the first

The Quadro Electric Company won the first state order in the North-Western Federal district for performing an obligatory energetic inspection in accordance with Federal Law No 261-FZ "On Energy Saving and Increasing Energy Efficiency…" In the course of electronic auction our company proposed the lowest price. Those times, nobody in the country had a clear understanding how to realize inspection, and above all how to fill the energetic passport. We weren't afraid to become pioneers in this area, and now our energy service subdivision performs tens of procedures connected with energy audit annually.

The market of energy saving is still at the stage of originating in Russia. In 2011, founders of Quadro Electric visited the USA as a part of working group to study American experience in the area of energy saving. This voyage gave us a huge advantage over other companies in Russia. Because our law on energy saving is a mirror reflection of the American law.

Energetic passports are prepared by professionals in our company. All prepared passport are successfully sent to the Ministry of Energy of Russia by our self-regulating organization. Now we start pilot projects connected with energy service – we introduce energy saving solutions for our customers receiving money from economy.


During the first year of our work it became clear that the electric power market suffers from lack of personnel. The question is not only in deficit of specialists with higher education, but specialists with secondary special education. We decided not to wait solution of this crisis by the state and started to act ourselves.

We keep our own informal blog about electricity, where present electric current as not a physical process in the conductor but a charge of energy flying from strings of an electric guitar. We explain the construction of electric chair and provide photos taken during the voyage to the USA. We provide commentaries from our objects and demonstrate that power engineering is a prestige and interesting sphere. Even when we met with the Governor of St. Petersburg in summer 2012 we asked him about attraction of young people to receiving technical specialties.

The founders and employees of Quadro Electric help young people to start their business. Within five years of our company existence we made reports at tens of panel discussions, workshops and demonstration lectures. We tell stories of our employees' successes in the special section at our web-site, inspiring them to devote their life to power engineering.

How to order our services?


Send a request with the description of the object to info@q-el.ru


Call our hot-line +7 (812)424-63-74


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